Baxter Tree Removal Service

At Baxter Tree Removals we love trees but sometimes removal is unavoidable or even urgent. Dead trees host many pathogens that can be highly contagious to other trees. Every guy with a rope and a chainsaw is not specialised like we are. Sometimes a tree can overgrow its urban environment and must be removed but we will advise you of other alternatives if they exist.

The fact is that trees are a valuable asset to your building and landscape however, sometimes they need to be removed on an emergency basis, if:

They become highly infested with harmful pathogens and are likely to pose severe threats to the neighboring healthy trees
They are falling or some of the branches are dropping due to harsh climatic conditions such as storms, droughts, hail etc
They pose a threat to the basic safety of your home
A tree is dead or dying
Trees block a driveway or obstruct a new construction project
A tree overgrows its urban environment and needs immediate attention in terms of removal

What outcome are you trying to achieve by having the tree pruned? Is it safety? Tree health? Maybe both?

Always check with the contractor where he intends to fell the tree, what damage will occur and whether he has insurance.

Baxter Tree Removal focus is on providing products and services of excellence at competitive rates.

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