Elm Leaf Beetle

The Significance of Elm Trees to Victoria

Victoria has an estimated 70,000 Elm trees spread throughout parks, public and private gardens and as street trees, with the oldest being up to 150 years old. These trees represent a significant world population following the devastation of many millions of Elm trees caused by Dutch Elm Disease in Europe, America and Asia. In southern England alone the loss was estimated at 17 million trees. Currently, Dutch Elm Disease has not been found in Australia although it is in New Zealand.

Beetles can fly up to several kilometres as well as being carried by vehicles. Beetles may enter vehicles parked under Elm trees and then be carried to other sites

Feeding by Elm Leaf Beetle is restricted to Elm trees of European origin and occasionally the Japanese Zelcova. In Victoria infestations occur on English Elms, Dutch Elms, Golden Elms, Weeping or Scotch Elms, Variegated Elms and Horizontal Elms. Chinese Elms are generally not affected.

Image taken from museumvictoria.com.au