If you have ever dug out a stump by hand you know what we mean ?

Although tree stumps can be left in the ground after felling, and covered with ground covers, this can lead to problems with suckering where new shoots arise from the trunk and roots.

Stump Removal Baxter If you’re looking for a professional Baxter Stump Removal company that can get the job done, you’ve come to the right place.

Completely dead stumps won’t form suckers, but they can play host to root diseases and, as such, aren’t worth leaving in and taking the risk.

Stump Removal Mt Martha is ready to provide you with leading Mt Martha stump grinding service.

If you’re in a hurry and want the entire stump removed immediately there is no better method than a stump grinder. Our stump grinders come in a variety of sizes from the size of a lawn mower to nearly as big as a small car. We accomplish the task by means of a high-speed disk with specially designed teeth that grind the stump and underground roots into small chips.

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You will be left with ground wood chips after the completion of your job, just add them to your garden, they make for great mulch.

Stump Removal Dromana offers a Tree and Stump grinding service for both residential and Corporate Customers. We are also a narrow access Specialist.

A stump grinder’s specially designed teeth spinning at great speed will reduce a stump and roots to mulch in a matter of minutes.

Stump Removal Red Hill largest machine can deal quickly with all the large tree stump work.

When a stump is removed properly you’re garden area is increased and you can replace the stump with a more suitable shrub or plant or even plant lawn where you once you couldn’t because of too much shade.

Stump Removal Main Ridge has many size and powerful stump grinder which can grind any size stump.

Stumps or roots can be completely removed by grinding to 300mm below the surface allowing for ground cover and other shrubs to be planted in place of the tree.

Stump Removal Arthurs Seat has a radio remote controlled stump grinding that controls travel and all grinding functions.