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Cut It Right Tree Service – rosebud offers a range of tree assessment and consulting services undertaken with one of our Qualified Arborists.

These include:

Tree Hazard Assessments and Child Safety Audits for trees in residential or high traffic areas such as schools and shopping centres.

Tree Health Assessments to diagnose pests and diseases that may be plaguing your tree, and to determine the best way to remedy these issues.

Arborist Reports for submissions to Council and Development Applications.

Our business is trees, so we do just about anything that involves your tree. Whether it be our aboricultural advice, safety concerns or practical planting, pruning, tree care or tree removal. Our service is available 7 days per week and we also offer a 24hour emergency tree service during extreme weather events.

Council approval is required for most tree removals and even some tree pruning works when more than a certain percentage of the tree is to be pruned back, or if species is an endangered tree or a significant tree.

Rosebud Tree Maintenance

Tree Pruning, Tree Cutting, Tree Surgery, Thinning, Shaping, Hedging, Pollarding, View pruning ,Utility clearing / Power line clearing, Root pruning

Rosebud Tree Removal Services

Tree felling, Tree Lopping, Contract climbing, Stump grinding, Wood chipping, Land clearing, Fire hazard reduction, Vegetation management, 24hr emergency tree service

Rosebud Tree Care Services

Tree support services (Cabling / Bracing), Soil aeration, Fertilising and mulching, Tree protection Zones, Tree Health and hazard assessments, Arborist Reports, Root barrier installation

Recycled products

Quality firewood, 100% Australian hardwood, split and seasoned, Quality leaf mulch and woodchip

Rosebud Other services

Installation of bird and wildlife boxes & Industrial rope access and rigging services.

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