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Mornington Tree Service are the specialists to call for your residential tree trimming and stump removal needs. Contact us for emergencies, landscape planning, or for annual tree maintenance such as trimming and pruning. We always provide immaculate cleanup once the job is complete.

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Following the Tree Removal, it is often common practice for Stump to be removed to the ground, preventing regrowth and to assist in reinstating the ground, allowing for a flat surface. Whether in a residential yard, or in a park, garden or development property we have the ability to grind most stumps. A regular grind is done to a depth of approximately 30cm below ground level however we are able to provide a deep grind if required.

Having a small and a large grinder available allows us to access stumps in various locations (however there can be restrictions associated with grinding in difficult locations or where there are any known obstructions / obstacles preventing access to the stump ie: water mains, walls that are too close in proximity to the stump, gas lines etc). The minimum access width is 750mm.

We have a dedicated 4WD mobile work station for stump grinding. This allows us to travel to the stump location with both of our large and small grinders and enables us to perform minor servicing to the grinders on site (ie: teeth changing) to ensure the job is completed.