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You can be assured that our crew have every area of tree removal & maintenance covered. Our team are fully qualified with over 10 years experience. No job is too big or small for Cut It Right Tree Service.

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Call Cut It Right Tree Service today for a no obligation free quote, Telephone 0415 776 062 or email us at and we will reply to your message within 24 hours.

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We care about our clients, their trees & their property, we will do whatever it takes to leave their garden clean, tidy and undamaged. We ensure your satisfaction from start to finish.




Operating on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula and surrounding areas, Cut It Right Tree Removal & Services provide Tree Care, Tree Pruning, Tree Trimming & Tree Felling services in your local area. We specialise in chipping & mulching on site as well. There is no job too big or too small for Cut It Right Tree Removal Service.

Thank you to Quinton and his team for the excellent professional service and advice! They definitely Cut It Right. Highly Recommended!

Monika from Hastings. Excellent Job!

Excellent service and excellent value for money, have finally found someone who doesn’t try to rip you off or do work that isn’t needed.

Rob from Mornington Very Very Happy!

Me and my mum are very happy with the tree work Quinton’s team did at our house last week. Thank you for your services.

Mikayla Jarrett Thank You!
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Crown Lift

Dead Wood Removal

Drip Line Reduction

Weight Reduction

Mornington, Frankston, Mount Martha, Mount Eliza

Cut It Right Tree Service knows that being the owner of a house can be an amazing experience, however as time passes trees tend to grow more than expected and they might even pose a threat to the integrity of your home. This is where the need for the tree removal and/or tree removal maintenance services comes into play, as this provides the best way to deal with this potential threat.

Some of you may think that removing a tree is an easy job. Well, you are far from the truth! Removing tree’s is a very dangerous job that should be left only to professionals.

Hiring a professional to perform tree removal is essential for a few reasons.

Removing trees on the Mornington Peninsula has to be done according to municipalities’ laws. Cut It Right Tree Services ensures that tree removals are done in compliance with local laws.

Tree removals have to be done only after checking for potential hazards such as cables, sewer and gas lines. On top of that the tree removal process always comes with safety concerns. Trees grow in their own way, which means that you can’t possibly know if you are dealing with a simple or major issue. Only a professional arborist can help you perform tree removal safely, and that is why calling Cut It Right Tree Removal is a great thing to do in this regard with over 10 years servicing the Mornington Peninsula and 4 fully qualified and experienced arborist your home is in safe hands at all times.

Experience does matter, injuries can appear very fast in the case of tree removal. Cut It Right Tree Service only hire and continually train qualified tree removers and ground staff, so you can rest assured that once you call us, your problem will be handled professionally.

Victorian Residents have to comply to laws in regards to trees that are overhanging on neighbors’ properties. If your tree’s overhand you neighbours yard, we will make contact with them before the job begins.

Cut It Right Tree Service is a certified, insured and qualified business. One of the main benefits that you get from hiring qualified arborist is they are fully qualified to perform in areas like tree removal or tree maintenance and in the long run this will save you a lot of time and money. If you use improper tools for cutting down trees you might encounter that even more expenses are needed, and that is why hiring a professional tree removal team might help you. Thanks to the numerous professional tools and fast operation, Cut It Right Tree Service offers a less expensive alternative!

Tree removal is a difficult job. Many people underestimate the disposing of branches and debris. When we remove your trees in Mornington, we will take care of the disposal as well.

If you want to perform tree removal quickly and with great results, then we recommend you to call Cut It Right Tree Service, and in a very short period of time your trees will be safely removed. Cut It Right Tree Removal offers the best prices on the market, great professionalism and complete customer support, so it doesn’t matter if you want to perform tree removal or tree pruning, tansplanting, weight reduction or pest and disease diagnosis we will help you get the job done amazingly fast!

Why Us?

Known for consistently delivering top quality tree work, great value for money and customer service second to none. We care about our clients, their trees and the property that surrounds them and will do whatever it takes to leave their garden clean, tidy and undamaged.
Cut It Right tree service should be your first call for all areas of tree maintenance and removal services. We make YOU “the customer” number. Providing fast, competitive pricing, professional, classic service and leaving YOU with a satisfied and happy job every time.
All our works are completed in accordance with the Australian Standard (A.S. 4373; 2007 Pruning of Amenity Trees). Adhering to Occupational Health and Safety Requirements.

What they said?

Cut It Right Tree Services came to our home in Mornington, and removed several large trees that we let grow wild for years, I don’t know why I didn’t call them sooner?! Quinton and his team were extremely polite, professional and fast, and they cleaned all the left over mess at the end which was the icing on the cake. I would recommend Cut It Right Tree Service any day of the week. Thank you!!

Laura Perego Happy Customer
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